Monday, May 1

An exercise in restraint... sort of.

So, I did manage to make it to Webs this weekend (after agreeing to make a stop at the used computer store as well). Sometimes I feel like Webs is more my LYS than any of the stores in Boston. You won't believe what happened this time, though - I made it out the door having only spent $29! I'm usually at LEAST $60 in the hole after a visit. I came dangerously close to buying a pack of bright red Cathay, a pack of steely-blue Debbie Bliss Merino DK, and 4 skeins of bright blue Cascade 220, but somehow I stood firm. I got the two balls of Jo Sharp DK that I needed, and some size 8 bamboo dpns (the metal ones I have are too heavy to knit sleeves comfortably). My only superfluous purchase was these two balls of the famed $6 Regia:
Which on its own wouldn't be that bad, if you disregard the 4 balls that just came in from eBay:
That would be Regia Canadian Color. Three are self-striping and the one on the left is variegated. I can't wait to knit these up!

This coming weekend we're going to a wedding in Potomac, Maryland (B. and I are both in the wedding party, and I'm currently starving myself to fit into my one-size-too-small dress!). The more wool-obsessed among you will note that this weekend is also the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in West Friendship, MD. Oh. my. god. Now I'm frantically scheming, searching for any way I can spend just an hour in fiber paradise. The wedding's not til 3pm on Saturday... our flight leaves at 12:30 Sunday... it's about 30 miles from town to town... hmm. I just can't justify being in the same state as this legendary event and not going. I'll keep you posted.

We watched Terrence Malick's Badlands on Saturday night. Beautiful film, visually - from the scenery and twilight to Sissy Spacek (who was 23 or so when this film was made, I think - but as Holly she doesn't look a day over 15). The story is simple, but the way it's presented sets it apart - we see Kit and Holly's killing spree through her innocent eyes. It was a very, very solid film, one of only four Malick has directed. I saw The Thin Red Line in the theater when it came out, and for all its philosophical musings, I liked it. I'm looking forward to the release of The New World on DVD; I think it promises to be just as stunningly beautiful as this.

Okay, back to rolling in Regia for me!