Wednesday, April 19

The hardest button to button?

So, as you can see, I'm already considering buttons for Forecast. The ones above were found at, a site I totally ganked from Cirilia. I've never found a button site that I really liked, but this one is great! I'm leaning towards brown buttons, just to keep it a little subdued but still have them stand out against the yellow. And probably something on the simple side, so it doesn't conflict with the intense texture of the knit. The ones above I picked out, very quickly, after a browse of the site. I'm favoring the middle buttons on the top and bottom rows, but I think the leather button on the bottom left is pretty neat (for a future project, maybe, if not this one.)

Anyway, in terms of progress I'm just started the ribbed part of the body on the smaller needles. I'm using some US4s that I have instead of the US5s called for in the pattern for a couple of reasons - first, the cable on the US5s I have is only 24", a little too short. And second, in the pattern the US5s are listed as 3.5mm, but my US5s are 3.75mm and my 4s are 3.5mm. We'll see how that turns out! It's fitting great so far, either way - I added a bit of length to the body, I went to about 6.25 inches from the armpit instead of 4.5.

What's up next? Well, aside from all the projects I have going already (just a quick glance to the left, if you will), I'll be casting on for Brocade as soon as Forecast is off the needles. I also promised a pair of socks to my dearest friend Hilarie (even if I was drunk, the deal still stands!) so if you are reading this, we'll have to go over the details soon.