Thursday, April 6

Help me if you can, I'm feelin' down

Once again, I fear I must apologize for my absence - but as they say, life intervenes. I've been dealing with some pretty major life decisions, which has drained the life out of me and sapped my energy to knit or blog. Some knitting has been done, of course, and will be covered very shortly! I can't believe I missed flash your stash day! If you don't object, I may do a little belated stash-flashing of my own in the near future.

But friends, now I come to you in a time of great need! You see, I have been desperate to knit the lovely Brocade sweater from Rowan 38 (my first Kaffe Fassett!) but have balked at the price of the Yorkshire Tweed DK, which runs at around $10 per 50gm ball. The sweater calls for 12. I rarely see this yarn on eBay, at least not at a substantial enough discount.

What has changed? I've found the yarn. For 50% off. I've gone into a sort of frenzy, I must order the yarn NOW, must cast on NOW NOW NOW! But I've run into a problem - the colors. Here are the colors I've been considering:

From left to right, they are: Skip, Champion, Gust, Rowdy, Lime Leaf, Frog, and Sprinkle.

Here's the sweater:

The original colors used are Skip and Frog.

My thoughts: I initially went straight for Skip and Champion. I was pleased with my choice, BUT then I remembered the colors I bought for the Union Square Market Pullover... pretty much exactly the same. I need variety! So I moved towards the original colors, or maybe substituting Lime Leaf for Frog... but Lime Leaf is too light! So I moved towards the neutral shades, and then the reds and oranges and purples.... and I've decided that this decision is not one I can make alone. So, a poll, in which I beg you all to vote (and which also looks really weird in Firefox... sorry everyone!):

What color combination should I use for Rowan's Brocade?

Skip and Frog
Skip and Champion
Skip and Rowdy
Skip and Gust
Champion and Sprinkle
Something with Lime Leaf?
Something entirely different! (leave a comment)

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I trust you all, and with your help maybe I can have this yarn ordered by tonight. And I promise to make an awesome post for tomorrow!