Wednesday, March 22


Since the two projects I'd been most actively working on were with tiny size 1 and 0 dpns, I decided it was time to revisit an old love: Lady Eleanor.
I feel slightly ashamed - I've been seeing many beautiful, finished Eleanors all over the place lately, and I started knitting mine last November! I'm back on it, though, and moving at full speed. She's been a great companion during this hopelessly sedentary period (thanks, everyone, for your well-wishes - I am much more mobile now!) The pattern is quite simple once you get the hang of it, but still engaging. As you can see, I'm using Noro; Silk Garden #234 to be precise. I'm onto the 6th skein (out of 10) right now. These pictures show her folded up - I had trouble getting a good shot of her full length.
As others have commented, there's something quite appealing about the wrong side of entrelac. I like it even better than the wrong side, I think. I feel pretty good about my colorway choice for this knit. I was wary of, as Fig and Plum Jessica put it, the "court jester effect," and while the colors are a little much in some sections I like the piece overall. I've even been cutting out some color sections as I go, setting them aside for later on.

The other project that has captured my attention is the Gentleman's Fancy Socks, for Brian:
See the spiraling? Sigh. I think I'm through with variegated sock yarns. So pretty and irresistable in the skein, so frustrating when knit up. I have at least four more variegated sock yarns in my stash (with another two on the way), and from now on I'm going to have to try my darndest to resist their charm! Steer me towards the Lorna's Laces "nearly solids," please. Anyway, a closeup:

I've watched a ton of movies since my last post (my cable company gave me a free HBO preview of the weekend!) but it was mostly fluff. From Netflix, though, I watched F for Fake, by Orson Welles, which was fantastic! I really wish I could have capped it, but for some reason my laptop likes to spit out anything from the Criterion Collection. The film was very interesting and amusing, and certainly unlike any other film I've seen in style. I think it's been classified as a "documentary essay" on fakery. Welles, apparently, planned to do a number of other documentary essay films - it's quite a shame that he never had a chance.

Last night I watched Videodrome, by David Cronenberg. Cronenberg is very hit-or-miss with me. A lot of the time I appreciate what he's trying to do, but it ends up falling flat. I did really like Existenz, Naked Lunch and The Fly, but wow, Spider was just awful, and don't get me started on A History of Violence (critics be damned!) Anyway, Videodrome. It started out really promising, and I was into it... but the conclusion lost me, I guess. I was entertained, and yet I can't say that I really liked the movie. Deborah Harry was awesome, at least:
I'm not giving up on Cronenberg yet - I still really want to see Dead Ringers and a few others. I'll withold judgement until then.