Monday, March 6

Cuff City

It's mitten season here, all of a sudden. I've never knit a mitten or glove in my life, only two pairs of wristwarmers (thumbholes, no fingerholes). And yet:
On the right, Brian's cabled convertible gloves in Dale Sisik (now with progress bar!). On the left, Northern Lights mittens from Knitpicks in Palette. As I've said, I'm pretty much winging it for Brian's gloves. The cable is looking mighty fine:
But I'm a little nervous about the size (honey, could you measure your hand for me when you get home?) and the finger construction.

Ew, mitten guts!!!
The Northern Lights mittens have been great fun so far - I adore the corrugated ribbing - and I've been spit-splicing the colors together. The main pattern is only starting to emerge, so these pictures are a little ehhh, but future ones will be oooh! As you can see above, my tension has been okay, even if a little bit tight. Palette is a very pleasant yarn to work with and I'd be happy to use it for colorwork in the future (although some more subtle, heathery colors would be nice). I'm thinking, though, that I should have chosen a different color for the secondary background color (the brownish one, Fawn). In the pictures it looks like a much darker brown, not a tan, and I like that better. I'm not going to sweat it, though, since I'll probably have nearly enough yarn left over to make another whole pair.

Also, I just want to say "Hi!" to anyone who's reading. If you stopped by once and came back, thank you! If you left a comment, thank you 10x more! Also, I've added a little button to the right, under my profile, where you can subscribe to my blog feed via Bloglines. I'm sure most of you have accounts already, but if you don't I highly recommend getting one! This way you don't have to run around from blog to blog - everything is in one place.

We went to see The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada on Friday in Kendall Square (after a tasty dinner at Emma's).
This film has so much going for it. The story is beautiful and complicated. The actors are cast perfectly. Tommy Lee Jones, well, this is the best I've ever seen him. January Jones was a pleasant surprise. The landscapes are breathtaking. Did I mention the story? Jones will tear your heart into pieces with his performance. His dedication and love for his friend, Melquiades, a drifting Mexican cowboy, is unexpectedly moving. The Three Burials was worlds better than all the films I've seen (in the theater) of late. Except Paradise Now - the two are pretty much on par. If it's playing anywhere near you, I promise that it will grip you in ways you don't see coming

This film could kick the crap out of Crash any day.