Tuesday, April 18

Forecast: Very sunny!

A couple pictures of Forecast, as promised:
Don't you just love that color? I do! Initially I wanted to do this sweater in a bright, bold red, but I think the yellow suits me nicely and I don't wear a lot of it. As you can see, I'm plugging along. I did one extra increase row and a few extra straight rows before separating for the sleeves (chubby arms?) but I think it's going to fit really well. I'm freaking out a bit over how much yarn I have - Beaverslide is entirely out of this color and dyelot, and I'm already through my first skein (even if I'd wanted to order 5 skeins instead of 4, I couldn't have). So, my fingers are crossed, begging the yarn gods not to force me into 3/4 length sleeves!

Here's a bit of detail on the cables and 3-stitch bobbles.

Oh, and here's my Yorkshire Tweed DK in Skip and Rowdy - Skip looks a little washed out in this photo, the blue is brighter in person. The yarn has a nice, robust feel - looking forward to working with it.

We watched The Squid and the Whale on Friday. For all the hype about it, I just don't know. Wes Anderson's involvement definitely showed (Jeff Daniels seemed to be channeling Hackman's performance in The Royal Tenenbaums) and the film had its moments, I won't deny that. But the more I think about it, the more I dislike it. It was just so depressing and troubling, to no real end. A friend said I'd probably like the film (my parents divorced when I was in second grade) but I never had to deal with joint custody, so I couldn't really relate. Brian and I agreed that Frank's character was pretty underdeveloped but William Baldwin was pretty great. Walt basically made me want to scream. So. I don't know, I think I liked it, but I did have some issues with it.