Thursday, April 13

I'm in love...

... with my newest project! I cast on yesterday morning for Forecast and so far, it's been like a dream. I hit gauge spot-on (with size 7 Clover bamboos), the pattern is engaging and easily memorized, and the yarn, well. The yarn is PERFECT. Inspired by Fig and Plum Jessica I went for Beaverslide's wool/mohair worsted weight in Prairie Coneflower, which is a little brighter than in that picture. The yarn is robust and springy - my particular batch has a little more lanolin than is normal for them, but I don't mind at all. I'd say it's pretty comparable to some of the Bartlett yarns. Anyway, it's very well-suited to the pattern. The texture pops quite nicely and my bobbles look the best they ever have (I'm going with 3-stitch bobbles instead of 5-stitch).

I'll post photos tomorrow because it's pretty overcast today. I'm almost done with the increase rows for the yoke!

On the Brocade front: if you voted in the poll, thank you! I ended up ordering Skip and Rowdy and I'm pleased with the choice. I think I'll keep Skip (which is a bit more aqua than some pictures suggest) as the foreground color and use Rowdy in the background. I want to cast on for this really soon, but I'm probably going to use the same needles I'm using for Forecast - all the more reason to push on quickly!

I realize I'm very behind on my Netflix reporting, so here's a quick review:
Contempt was everything I hoped it would be and more. My favorite Godard yet - I particularly loved the apartment scene. The camerawork was very striking and unique. I'm adding the novel to my summer reading list, for sure.

I enjoyed Save the Green Planet!, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't very memorable - 3 stars. It manages to be hilarious and violent and heartbreaking all at once. Definitely worth a watch if you're into contemporary Asian film.

Bubble was a quirky little film that probably wouldn't have worked without the use of unknown actors. The story was fairly bare-bones and accessible but it threw a few curveballs. I'd say Bubble benefits from being pretty short (73 minutes), and the score compliments the film nicely. Again, worth a watch.

I don't have any decent stills from Le Temps du Loup, but I'll say a few words about it anyway. I love Isabelle Huppert and I really liked Michael Haneke's The Piano Teacher - this film had a very similar feel (bleak, bleak, bleak). The premise is that some sort of apocalypse has occured, wiping out a large portion of the population and leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Supplies are scarce and primitive systems of trade and government emerge. Le Temps du Loup is probably too slow-moving for most, but it's a fascinating portrait of human nature and survival. It's probably the most realistic portrayal of post-apocalyptic situation ever shown on film.

(I also watched Dead Ringers, but I'll wait to post about that until I see A Zed & Two Noughts, thanks Dana!)

So, Forecast pictures tomorrow - looks like it's going to be nice and sunny!