Friday, April 28

Hey guys, it's this thing!

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Well, there's that. I love music just as much as I love movies, I'd say.

Tonight I'm off to Easthampton, MA for the weekend. Brian just landed a summer internship in Boston (whoo!) so we'll try to celebrate as he writes the final few papers of his college career. Will I be able to squeeze in a trip to Webs? I don't know, but I'll probably try! I just ordered 4 balls of Regia on eBay, though, so I'll focus on stuff that I actually need - 2 more balls of Jo Sharp DK for the vest, etc. This is my first weekend of freedom in a long time - I'm the managing editor of a weekly newspaper at BU, and Fridays and Saturdays are usually spent laying out the paper. The last issue of the school year came out yesterday, so I'm free for a little while - aaahhh, it feels good. What knitting will I bring? Probably just the second Gentleman's Fancy sock, since Forecast is a little bulky.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday.