Monday, April 24

Best laid plans and a new obsession

Thank you, everyone, for your nice words on my spontaneous dyeing project! It's not SO awful, you're right - after all, I am guilty of having a skein of Vesper sock yarn in Algae, which now that I'm looking at it is quite close to what I made, minus the red. Of course I'll post when (if?) I use the stuff, but right now I have another sock project on the horizon. As I mentioned in my button post, I drunkenly promised my friend that I'd knit her some socks, and damn it, I plan to keep that promise. This past Saturday she came over and we laid out some of my sock yarns to see what she liked. She chose a big (huge) hank of Mystical Creation Yarns fingering weight in Amethyst. I got this yarn on the cheap in the fall and haven't touched it yet. I have a POUND of the stuff. A. Pound. We're talking thousands of yards, I think. I'm more than happy to crank out a pair of socks with it - hell, take two pairs! - and she loves the colorway. I then shoved two formidable sock books at her, and she chose the New England socks from Knitting on the Road.

Now, my size 0's are currently tied up in another (sadly, doomed?) sock project, the Gentleman's Fancy socks. They were meant for Brian but it seems like they only just fit me. So... I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm inclined to push on and keep them for myself (since I'm sort of devastated to see one of my favorite stash skeins go) and then just start again for Brian. Maybe in a thicker yarn and up a needle size.

Forecast is going quite well - I made it to the ribbing on the body and the fit of this thing is perfect! I made it about and inch or two into the ribbing before my second skein of yarn ran out. Since I live in terror of my yarn running out, I decided to start on a sleeve before finishing the body ribbing, just to see how much yarn the sleeves will end up using. Fingers crossed, people!

Sorry there are no knitting pictures today - I didn't get much done this weekend. However, I did find time to watch some movies! First off, thanks to Dana and Adrian, I think I've been launched into a full-fledged obsession with Peter Greenaway. I rented A Zed & Two Noughts mostly to compare it to Dead Ringers, and wow. They're both great films but I loved ZOO a whole lot more.
It was so frenetic and morbid and the Vermeer and the way they pronounce "zebra" and oh! The snails! And the score? Just. Wow. Like the other two films I'm going to mention in this post, it's definitely not for everyone. But it's perfect for me.

I also managed to catch The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover - a much more straighforward film than ZOO but a masterpiece nonetheless.
The most obvious thing to mention is the use of color, but I also loved the way it was shot - many long, single-take scenes, following groups and individuals through the restaurant, Le Hollandais. Michael Gambon was mesmerizing and vulgar, and Helen Mirren, well. She's wonderful. I loved the story and all of the coordinated activity in many of the scenes. It's just so sublimely rich to look at. I hope they re-release it on DVD, and soon - it's been out of print for too long.

Needless to say, I expect this Greenaway rampage will continue.