Thursday, April 27

Gentlewoman's Fancy Sock

Well, will you look at that. Brian's sock fits me like a... er... glove! The problem was with, duh, gauge - I was getting 10 stitches per inch instead of 9 (but I think my row gauge was okay). If I'd used size 1's instead of 0's it might have been fine. I've discussed it with Brian and we've agreed to regroup with a new yarn and bigger needles. And in the meantime, I'm getting a rad pair of socks! The yarn (Schaefer Anne, in case you missed it) feels incredible knit up. The pooling really peeved me at first but as I got to knitting the foot, I started to enjoy it.

So here's the yarn I'm using for Hilarie's socks - pretty, huh? Hard to get a decent photo of it - the colors are brighter in person. There's a nice taupe shade, which fades into a deep rosy color, then into a lovely lavender and back to pink. The ball you see above is only a slight fraction of what I have - I wound off about as much as my ball winder could handle. My only worry is that the yarn is REALLY thin, probably closer to lace-weight than fingering. The original pattern calls for Koigu. I might try double-stranding it... hmm.

The dilemma? Do I cast on for the second GF sock, or start on the New England sock? I'm thinking I'll swatch for the New England sock while the needles are free and then dive right in to the second GF. This snugly, wonderful sock needs a mate.

And since I know this is what you all want to see:

I haven't worked on it for a while (I was in SUCH a sock mood, seeing everyone's sockapaloooza posts) but I'll get back to that sleeve presently! I'm still struggling with buttons - I'm still leaning towards brown leather but my mother suggested a lighter button (because the sweater is so busy already and she thought it would blend nicely). Maybe she has a point?

Last night I watched Michael Powell's Peeping Tom, a film that is often compared to Psycho - I believe they both came out the same year, and, well, they're both about disturbed, obsessive men with childhood trauma. I liked Peeping Tom - it's just the right amount of creepy (Carl Boehm, well done!) and noir, and surprisingly it achieves that without being explicit or graphic. And while I love a good graphic film, I really respect what Powell did here (it was 1960, after all).