Friday, October 13

The loftiest of goals.

Here it is, folks: I'm going to finish Brocade for Rhinebeck. And wear it. I want to do this for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I've been working on this sweater since June and there are so many other projects I want to start. The other reason? You'll be able to spot me more easily at Rhinebeck! Perfect place to show it off.

It's a daunting task, as I've only just started on the first sleeve and the front still isn't blocked. However! I've been bringing the project to work with me. My job is basically just answering phones, so I can weave in ends all day if I'm not busy. I think I'll finish that today, allowing me to block the front over the weekend (and maybe even start seaming?) Then I'll have the weekend and next week to power through the sleeves.

I think it's doable! I just have to stay committed. The spinning will be put on hold for a little while (which is fine, since I'm disappointed with the roving I dyed on Tuesday and need to re-dye it), and the book I'm reading (Oblivion by David Foster Wallace, no great shakes IMO) has already been relegated to my commute.

A quick word about weaving in ends - I know that for most projects it's just a hassle, but it's really essenital for intricate intarsia like this. As with any intarsia there are little holes that get closed up when you weave the ends in, but there are also wonkier sections that you can stabilize and realign, even before blocking. This happens a lot when you have small, single lines of contrasting color running diagonally through larger blocks. It's pretty amazing sometimes - I'll try to do some before and after pictures when I'm on to the sleeves.

Time to put my nose back to the grindstone... Happy 13th everyone! I used to be able to do a vampire smiley face, but I can't remember how :(