Friday, September 22

The first ever spinning post.

Guys. Drop spindles? Not so easy to use. At about 11 this morning I tore into the spindle kit and fiber I ordered from Adrian's shop (an awesome purchase, fyi, if you're looking to start spinning). I'd done my homework and watched all the videos there were to watch.

Haul from Hello Yarn
My package - top-whorl spindle, 1lb undyed BFL, 4oz beautifully dyed BFL, and a surprise - some merino to try out!

So. Instant success? Not exactly. I botched more than a few strips of roving before I realized I needed to stop, slow down, and rethink what I was doing.

One thing that would have been nice to know is that it's OKAY if the yarn twists back on itself - I was freaking out, thinking that I was drastically overspinning. First, I learned that sometimes that's what you want if you're planning to ply it, and second, you can fix the twisting on singles when you set the twist (by soaking the yarn for a while and hanging it in a skein, with weight if it's really curly). That's a really important step that I knew next to nothing about, and because of that a few early attempts were abandoned and sacrificed to the fiber gods.

But. Now my first wee bit of yarn is sitting here in front of me. It's not more than a few yards, and it's a little fuzzy, but surprisingly even! I learned quickly that predrafting is very, very important (yes, Adrian, I did read your note about that, but my first few strips ended up being too thick/wide anyway, at least thicker than I was comfortable with).

Here's my baby!
My first yarn!

A better look at it... maybe it's not as even as I thought it was. Whatever!
First spun yarn

I think spinning on a wheel will be more comfortable for me. It was really frustrating having to stop and give the spindle another flick to keep things going. On a wheel, with my feet treadling, I'll have both hands to focus on drafting and controlling the twist of the yarn. I can't wait to try, and I only have to wait until Sunday!

Oh, and:

Maybe I'll see some of you there? I'll probably have the second Sock Hop knee sock in tow.