Monday, September 18

Starz in my eyes

If anyone on my Netflix friends list is wondering why I watched so much crap this weekend... it's Comcast's fault. They gave us a Starz free preview. For many people, this wouldn't mean much: they'd go along with their weekend as usual, maybe catching a movie or two if something decent was on.

For me, though, it meant parking my ass in front of the TV and cramming in as many movies as possible. Movies I would never watch under other circumstances, not willingly. Free! One weekend only! Bad movies! How can I resist? So, um, here's a little rundown of the damage:

The Baxter - 5 stars. This was so much better and funnier than we were expecting it to be. I looooove Michael Showalter (and Stella and everyone in this movie) and I'm so glad that his directorial debut was a success! And Michelle Williams was just adorable. "Baja cuisine!"
The Sea Inside - 4 stars. A beautiful, powerful film with a really impressive performance by Bardem (not to mention the supporting cast).
Finding Neverland - 4 stars. Very pleasant and nicely done.
The Ballad of Jack and Rose - 3 stars. I found this one pretty hard to like... I'm used to films being beautiful and unsettling at the same time, but there was something about it that left me wrinkling my nose a bit. I need to think about it a little more.
Layer Cake - 3 stars. Another fast-talking British crime/heist drama, starring the new James Bond. There was nothing bad about it, and you'll love it if you're into that kind of movie (and can follow all the double-crosses).

And the rest? Well.... everything else I watched got two stars: Hostage, November (ugh), Manic, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Pretty Persuasion, Flightplan (but <3 Peter Sarsgaard), Lords of Dogtown, Cube Zero, and Blade Trinity. Also Proof, which Brian liked but I found to be a little flat. I saw the play on Broadway (with Jennifer Jason Leigh in the lead) and I felt like the film lost most of the punch and drama and tension that the play had. Or maybe it's that I don't like Gwyneth Paltrow?

With all that sitting on my ass, you better believe I had some time to knit!

Sock Hop sock in progress

I am sooooooo in love with this yarn. Ohmygod. The striping! I could stare at this sock all day. And you should see how much yarn I still have in this skein. I can't wait to see how long I can get the leg to be. I think I'm actually going to savor knitting the second sock in this pair, can you believe it?

My birthday is in one week! Yessssss. Which one of you is springing for that Janus box set? The ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid? Come onnnnn guys, you know I'd do the same for you! Oh, I kid. It's my 21st, I'll settle for a drink if you see me out and about somewhere :)