Thursday, September 14

Socks, and more socks.

So, that Janus box set I just posted about? I've come to terms with the fact that I'll probably never have it (even though my birthday is in two weeks, and when you do the math, 50 dvds for $650 is a great deal, and when you throw in the book....) But there's good news: IFC just announced that they'll be airing 3 of the Janus films every Tuesday night in October and November! Of course, to catch them all I'll have to stay up until 2am each Tuesday, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

The Conwys are done, at least:
Conwy - done!

Finished with the star toe, my current favorite. The pooling in this colorway of Shepards Sock, Tahoe, is quite nice - the reddish-purple being the dominant color and the rest blending together.
Conwy - done!

I'm finding that, nearly every time, going up a needle size or a half with Nancy Bush patterns gives me a perfect fit. Conwy called for 2.25mm needles, and I used 2.5's (Inox bamboo dpns - these are some of my favorite needles and I can't find more of them ANYWHERE!)

I think I'll cast on for another pair of socks tonight... maybe a simple toe-up pattern with the red Sock Hop handspun I posted a while back. Has anyone used the generic pattern from the summer Knitty? Looks pretty straightforward. I've made a pair toe-up before, for Brian, and they turned out rather well. Except that I bound them off too tight. So he never wears them. Ahem.

Oh, and real quick - on Tuesday night my friend Deborah from high school came over for dinner. It was quite lovely - I made the Barefoot Contessa's "Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic" (a la Amateur Gourmet) and Deb brought us some gorgeous flowers!
bouquet from deb - lovely

When I re-cut them and changed the water today I got a chance to better see what was in the bouquet - snapdragons! A sunflower! So great. The best part is that the cats haven't chewed it up at all; I think this means we should have flowers in the house more often.

We're watching Das Experiment right now. Very interesting! Will post thoughts tomorrow.