Tuesday, June 27

Yarn for sale!

First of all, thank you all SO much for your comments about Brocade. Looking at it now, I can barely believe that I knit it myself. I haven't made much progress on the next piece (the front) but I'm sure I'll get back on it soon - I know many of you are looking forward to the finished project. The only knitting I've been doing lately has been on socks - I managed to screw up the second New England sock pretty badly (after turning the heel and all, I realized I'd made the leg longer than the first sock - haven't had the heart to rip it out yet) and I started some boring socks out of the self-striping Regia I got on eBay.

Today's post has an agenda, however - I'm selling off some yarn! Details below, click the links to see bigger pictures of each:
Yarn for sale - see my blog

1. Jaggerspun Zephyr in Daffodil. I'm not exactly sure how much is left on this cone, but it's at least half and probably more (the shawl I knit called for around 2,000 yards, and a cone holds 5,040 yards... so you're probably getting 3,000 yards, more than enough for another shawl). $30 + $3 shipping SOLD
2. Lampe's Lumps handspun in "Pucker Up," 75 yards. $20 + $1 shipping
3. Handpaintedyarn.com laceweight wool in Jacinto, 1 full skein plus leftovers. 980 yards in the full skein. $5 + $1 shipping SOLD
4. Cascade Ecowool in color 8087, a coffee brown. 478 yards. $12 + $2 shipping SOLD (I also have a partially-used skein of this in color 8095, a shade darker, about 400 yards - let me know if there's interest)
5. Cherry Tree Hill SuperSport in Peacock, 250 yards per skein, plenty for a pair of socks. $30 + $2 shipping
6. Pakucho Organic Cotton in Chocolate, 15 skeins (2 of which were partially knit up, then wound into center-pull balls), 88 yards per skein. $45 + $5 shipping SOLD

If you'd like to buy one or more of these yarns, please email me at thejenna AT gmail DOT com rather than comment. I'd prefer to do payments through PayPal. Oh, and the shipping quoted above is within the US, but I will ship worldwide if you'd like. Thanks for looking - I'll try to get some more knitting-related content up later this week!