Wednesday, June 7

Victory over acid dyes!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on Forecast. You all seriously made my week! I am so flattered and happy - I think I need to start my next project while I'm still on this confidence high. I apologize for not responding to any comments yet, I'll get on that this evening.

Nothing new going on knitting-wise, really. I'm at the toe of the first New England sock and about to start the neck ribbing on my striped raglan. I swatched with the Yorkshire Tweed for Brocade and got gague easily, horray!

Monday night I got a visit from the incomprable Cirilia of Skrilla Knits! We talked about, engineer boyfriends, school, and of course, knitting. The sweetheart that she is, she brought me a little present - the most adorable little notebook of graph paper with a modern floral print.
Jill Bliss notebook from Cirilia!
It's by Jill Bliss - I love Jill Bliss! Thank you again, Cirilia!

So, news on the Dyeorama front - have you noticed I've been a little quiet about it? Well, the source I'd originally intended to get my dyes from sort of fell through on the timing and I doubt I'll be seeing those dyes for another month. I placed another order with PRO Chemical for two of their WashFast Acid Dye kits (the Autumn kit and the sampler) and 2 oz of Dark Meadow. My pal emphasized that she likes green, and in the survey she said her ideal colorway would be called "Earth Song" - I really took that to heart:
Dyeorama yarn
I'll post a better picture once it's all dried and skeined up, but you get the idea. That blue color... wasn't supposed to be that blue. But I'm sort of glad it turned out that way! There's a lot of vareigation in some of the sections but I think it looks awesome. I had a ton of fun dyeing this and barely made a mess! I'll be doing this again soon for myself, I think; I'm sad to see this one go.

I've watched a lot of movies since the last movie post I made - the standouts were definitely All About Lily Chou Chou, The New World, and Festen. I don't really have the energy to write about them all right now, but tomorrow? We'll see, maybe along with a better picture of the Dyeorama yarn.