Monday, May 29

Oh my god, I might actually wear this.

My face looks weird here, hooray!

Pattern: Forecast by Stefanie Japel
Yarn: Worsted weight wool/mohair blend in Prairie Coneflower from Beaverslide Dry Goods (4 skeins)
Needles: US7 Clover bamboo circs, US4 Addi Turbos, US7 Brittany birch dpns, US4 Clover bamboo dpns
Modifications: Yarn substitution, 3-stitch bobbles, a few extra increase rows before dividing for the sleeves, lengthened the body and ribbing, a few decreases in the sleeves, started sleeve ribbing at the elbows.

Forecast: back

It's done! Done done done! And it fits - a little tight in the body ribbing (so that it pulls a bit where the buttons are) but that could be fixed with some more agressive blocking, I bet. It doesn't really bother me, though. I'm not letting it. It feels really good on; as I mentioned, the Beaverslide wool bloomed so well after washing (I got a particularly lanolin-y batch, apparently).

Forecast: detail/buttons

I think the buttons suit it nicely... they're just bold enough, but not too busy given all that's going on in the sweater. I had a little trouble with the buttonbands. The instructions seemed weird to me; they said to pick up more stitches per row along the ribbed parts where the gauge was a lot tighter. This made the bottom flare out a bit. I ripped it out and ended up just winging it - it turned out alright, especially after blocking.

and again

I guess I won't be able to wear it until the fall (it got so hot today that we wimped out and turned on the air conditioner). But I WILL wear it, and that's the best. It looks great with dark denim and I have a few skirts that I think I'll pair it with, too. I'm quite satisfied with it! And also quite ready to move on to something new... swatching for Brocade will begin shortly.