Wednesday, June 14

A labor of love (to say the least)

Say hello to my little friend:
My best friend these days

This little red crochet hook is, quite seriously, my best friend in the world right now. It's allowed me to do this:

Will I ever finish weaving in these ends?

That's a whole section of woven-in ends. Normally I use a blunt needle to weave in ends, but I've been making my ends on this project pretty short (due to a continued fear of runningoutofyarn) and my little hook really does the trick.

Anyway, I do appreciate all your concern for my sanity upon seeing those ends. But really, get this: I am LOVING this project. This doesn't feel like knitting. It's a puzzle. I'm only about 40 rows into the intarsia, but I can't get enough. Everything that was annoying at first (the guesswork in how much yarn to cut, the endless spit-splicing) I can't stop thinking about now. Even weaving in the ends is fun. What's happening to me?

And it's all coming together:
More Brocade progress
Look, you can actually see what some of the shapes are now! It gives me hope.

Oh, and great news - the yarn from my Dyeorama pal came today! My pal is Julia from mayamocha and not only did she use a warping board to dye my yarn, she also spent two days untangling a HUGE knot in my skein - seriously, there's a picture of it on her blog, it's crazy.
Yarn from my Dyeorama pal
I love the yarn, I do - it's so green and self-striping and though you can't really tell from this picture, there's even a jacquard-y section. I can't wait to see how it looks all knit up, and I imagine the next pair of socks I cast on for will be with this. Thank you again, Julia!

Since I've been really slacking on the movie reviews, I'll throw in a couple of disappointments here, quickly. First off, while in New York we went to see Brick, which is meant to be a modern-day film noir set in a high school.
from Brick
To be honest I didn't really want to see it, at least not for $10.75 ; I would have rented it later on. My friend Dana (whose opinion I trust) realy didn't like it. But Brian wanted to go and the timing was right, so we went. And guess what - I didn't like it! And I love noir. The whole concept just didn't work here; it was very forced and I felt like very little acting was going on. The characters speak in the same jargon as old noir films, which is interesting and sort of cool at first - but it does more than wear thin. I didn't buy it. It could have been so good! Damn. I find myself comparing it to Mysterious Skin (most likely because they both star Joseph Gordon-Levitt), which totally blows Brick out of the water.

Last night we watched THX1138, George Lucas's first film.
from THX1138
I know a lot of people really love this film, but wow... I could barely watch it. Can you say "pretentious wank of a movie"? Okay. I didn't find it to be a particularly original vision, nor a compelling story. Pretty to watch? Sure. Great performance by Donald Pleasence? Yeah. But it didn't grab me, not at all. At least it was pretty short, clocking in at only 88 minutes. I agree with what one reviewer on Netflix said: "If you are curious, watch the first half hour. That much is kind of interesting. When they are all in the big white room TURN IT OFF AND BACK AWAY FROM THE DVD PLAYER or you will be sorry."