Friday, June 9

What have I gotten myself into?


No, that's not fringe you see there.... those are ends. Hanging off my sweater. I've done intarsia twice before, but in small doses... this time it's the. whole. sweater. A whole sweater of hanging ends. The worst part is that there are barely any BIG sections of color, they're all small and interlocking and I never know how much yarn to cut and I can't tell you how many spit-splices I've had to do, just in these few rows. Give me fair isle over this any day of the week! Please. I'll take it.

Brocade progress

Which isn't to say that I'm not enjoying myself. While the wrong side is quite painful to look at, I'm pretty happy with how the front is looking! And it can only improve with blocking and tugging and weaving-in. I'm afraid it might turn out a little big, though, since I'm knitting looser than in my swatch. Anyway... this project might take a while.

Dyeorama yarn, balled up

Here's my Dyeorama yarn, all balled up and ready to go! There are a few spots where the dye didn't penetrate quite enough, but other than that I'm still pretty pleased. And I hope my pal will be, too :)

We're taking and impromptu trip home to New York today! I'm excited, I don't think I've been back since winter break. We'll be hitting up the Big Apple BBQ Block Party and who knows what else - probably no yarn shopping, though (I'm on an informal diet). Have a good weekend, everyone!