Friday, September 15

An open letter to Jay McCarroll

Dear Jay McCarroll,

I love your new collection. Love. It. God. I've been watching it pop up on gettyimages for the past few minutes, and I'm totally sold. Favorite pieces? The patchwork tunic top. The yellow dress. The silky skirts! The green jacket. Black polka dot dress. I could go on. Your use of color is still spot on - matchy matchy my ass. I think the menswear is kickin', too. And the yellow piece with the big bow - an homage to Allison from season 3? Of course not, but it just goes to show.

I just hope (pray?) that you're serious about this collection being accessable to us laypeople. I mean, I will pay an arm and a leg for you. No questions asked. But I'd love to have 3 or 4 of your pieces, and not just... a hat. Dig?

You're brilliant. Never change.

(Um, if I haven't mentioned it before... I love Project Runway, and IMO none of the final collections have even remotely matched up to Jay's from season 1... not even the ones from this season, which I'll admit I've already peeked at.)