Wednesday, September 20

Perfect socks and a word about my mother

Sock Hop sock #1 - done!

The first Sock Hop sock is done! I'm saving the modeled pictures until the second sock is done, but let me tell you... the fit is perfect. Just check out those calf increases1 I get this stupid grin on my face whenever I try it on, just ask Brian. They're almost knee sock length, a little too short - but I did manage to end up with just this much yarn left over! I did some crazy sewn bind-off that I don't think was exactly meant for 2x2 ribbing, but it looks pretty clean and manages to be sturdy and stretchy at the same time. I am VERY pleased. Casting on for the second one presently.

Now. It's no secret that my mother reads this blog - in fact, even my grandparents pop in from time to time. Well, anyway. Mom and I hadn't settled on a birthday gift for this year (21 being sort of a major birthday) so yesterday I emailed her with a couple of suggestions: a sewing machine, or if she was feeling really generous, a spinning wheel. She called me right away and we talked about it, and, well, remember this post? She casually asked if I would prefer a wheel over the Janus set, and I said of course - it's a much better use of the money, having something that I can actually use and get something back from, and anyway I can watch all those movies without having the set. And she says, get this: "So I guess I should cancel the order on the set, huh?"

She placed an order for the Janus box set. The set that I never expected to have, not in a million years, not ever. Speechless. I just. She's already so wonderful and totally supportive of me, and then she goes and makes a gesture like that on top of everything? We've been through a lot together, the two of us, and I guess I wanted to acknowledge, publicly, what an awesome woman she is.

The long and short of it? I have the most wonderful, giving mother in the world. And you'll be seeing some wonderfully lumpy beginner's handspun yarn here very soon! I'm in the process of picking out a wheel (with Adrian's help, what a godsend), so if any of you have advice on learning to spin, different wheels, etc., please do share - I'd love to hear about your experiences.