Wednesday, September 27

Thank you!

Thanks for all your compliments on the redesign! Since a few of you asked how I made my site look less Blogger-y, I'll just answer here. My blog template is from thur's templates - you can see the options on the left sidebar there. There are some other template sites out there, a quick google search should turn them up. You can customize your template in terms of color, column width, etc, and add your own pretty background and banner. Have fun with it! Oh, and if you're having trouble picking out a color scheme, this site is a huuuuge help.

I've had a great few days - Sunday I went to Adrian's and tried out three of her wheels - the Louet S17 and S75 and the Kromski Polonaise. I'm really leaning to the S75 now, but I'm going to think it over for a little while longer. Then we went to the Boston Knit Out, which was fun, if only for the awesome people I got to meet and hang out with (Monica, Carole, Heather, Kate, and a few blogless folks). We all had a great time, I think - went out to lunch nearby and then hit up Windsor Button (where surprisingly few purchases were made!).

Then Monday was my birthday! I had a ton of fun and ordered some very silly drinks, and now I'm reveling in the fact that I can buy a bottle of wine whenever the hell I want. Brian did a fabulous job with gifts, including the Trois Couleurs box set (!) and the entirely overwhelming Silver Spoon cookbook. Thank you, honey!

Last night we watched The Princess and the Warrior, directed by Lola rennt's Tom Tykwer and starring the glorious Franka Potente. I was all set to love this one, buuuut....

from The Princess and the Warrior

I guess it seemed a little pointless in the end? There were some great moments and I liked the style and pace, but I didn't buy the whole "it was fate, they were meant to be together" concept. Am I missing the point? He saved her life, and then she effectively saved his by allowing him to move on after his wife's death. Everything else, especially the mental hospital and Steini, felt unnecessary. Anyway. I liked it well enough. Brian thought the score (lots of tinkling piano) was annoying. I thought Franka Potente acted her part beautifully, with the perfect amount of quiet determination. I'm giving it three stars.

Expect finished sock pictures tomorrow - they're going to be awesome.