Monday, October 9

I wore this all day, and it was over 70 degrees!

Remember what I said about wanting to be able to use what I spin?

Handspun hat

I'm sticking to my word! Or at least I'm starting out that way. This morning I was itching to knit yesterday's yarn (I had about 130 yards, by the way... about worsted weight I think?) The hat is the earflap version of Kim's Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used the plied yarn for the hat and the singles (spun earlier on the spindle) for the flaps. LOVE it. And I never ever wear hats (this is only the second one I've ever knit). Even Brian had it on for a little while. It was so quick to knit, I can see a bunch of these being churned out for the holidays.

Last night I spun up some ultra-colorful roving that I'd dyed a few weeks ago - mostly greens with some blue, yellow, and orangey brown. Not too great looking as singles, but I really like the result plied. I think the weight and twist is a lot more uniform on this skein, too. Here it is on the skeinwinder:

Second plied yarn

And skeined up (about 88 yards):

Second plied yarn, skeined

I might try to dye some more roving tonight - I'm running out of stuff to spin! I tried out a little merino this afternoon... it was going okay, but I started spinning it too fine and the pull of the bobbin kept snapping it :( I also have some Finn and South African top to try out. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Rhinebeck (yes, I'll be there!) and the fiber stash enhancement that awaits!