Monday, October 2

Nearly knee socks.

Sock Hop socks, done!

All done! Nearly knee socks in Sock Hop handspun, Mustang Sally colorway. They look a little uneven in these photos, but they're not - only a couple rows difference between them. I wore 'em out on Saturday, and sadly, they're slouchy. Still, they were such a joy to knit and they feel great on.

Another picture because it's adorable:

Sock Hop socks, plus Fry

Ah, behind the scenes at Cinemaknits. Thanks to Brian for patiently taking these pictures (and waiting for my ancient flash unit to recharge).

Also, I am very pleased to announce that the front of Brocade is DONE!!! However...

Front of Brocade, ends to be woven in

There's still work to be done. It feels like there are more ends this time around. It might take me a couple nights to get them all woven in, and I have to get them woven in before I start a sleeve (otherwise it'll never happen). I've made a pledge to myself: I'm not allowed to start another major project until I finish Brocade. I started it in June, I think, and I really want to be able to wear it this winter.

Only one thing stands in my way: work! My productivity, in terms of both knitting and blogging, is going way down because of a semi-long term temp job. I'm still adjusting a bit, but things should get back on track soon.

Quickie movie review: last week we watched Rize, David LaChapelle's entrancing documentary about krumping. I wouldn't call Rize paticularly profound, but it's an interesting and important social phenomenon worthy of being documented, and not only for the mind-blowing dancing. And, make no mistake, it is mind-blowing.

from Rize

Rize isn't only about the dancing; it's also about the people and how they've found a way to stay out of gangs and off the streets through dancing. I hope LaChapelle will make another doc - his larger-than-life, wide angle lens style would be well suited to many more subjects.

We also saw The Science of Sleep on Saturday - more on that later, if I get my thoughts together, but if you like Gondry's work (and not just Eternal Sunshine) and if you don't go into it expecting a beautiful romance, you won't be disappointed.

Oh oh oh and and! I ordered my wheel! I chose the Louet S75 special edition. SO EXCITED.