Monday, October 23

The Rhinebeck post

Rhinebeck was a total blast, more than worth the trip. The weather was perfect, the animals were adorable (if I could have walked off with an armful of rabbits, I would have), and the people were A+++. I got to meet a bunch of awesome blog-friends in person (and still managed to miss a few, d'oh!) and many I'd met before. I didn't bring my camera (double d'oh) buuuut you can always check out Flickr photos tagged with "Rhinebeck."

If you saw me at there, you know that I finished Brocade and actually wore it! I'll make a more exhaustive post about Brocade tomorrow(ish), but here's a preview:

Brocade - done!

Please excuse the overflowing trash can in the background. And a picture of it in action, yanked from Ariel's blog:

Me and Ariel at Rhinebeck

Fun fact: Ariel and I made Conwy socks in the same exact yarn!

Now, for my fiber haul:
my Rhinebeck haul!

No yarn whatsoever, as you can see! Had stock up on fiber. Going clockwise from the top left, we have: a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe kit, 1/2 lb of merino from Pleasant Home Woolen Co., a blended batt from Grafton Fibers, merino and corriedale from The Sheep Shed, an alpaca/merino blend from Little Barn (I also picked up some undyed superwash merino from them), and a big blob of green something-or-other from Wool 'N Quilts. My mom picked up a sweater's-worth of Brooks Farm Harmony in some pretty greens/blues.

It was soooo great seeing all of you - Jessica, Veronique, Lisa and the other Spiders, Laura, Adrian, Ariel, Monica, anyone who had me on their Blogger Bingo card, etc etc - if we met and I've forgotten to mention you, do say hi!