Thursday, October 26


I know a full post on Brocade was supposed to come next, but it's going to have to wait until the weekend - by the time I get home from work there's no natural light to take pictures :( The post itself is written so it'll be up after I take the pictures on Saturday.

And anyway, I have news... As a few of you know, last spring I took a leave of absence from BU. I was very unhappy with my major and the school, to the point that it was affecting everything else in my life. I needed some time to figure out how to proceed with my studies (I was only about 10 classes aways from a degree at BU and could have finished in another year, but would have been severely depressed doing so). Late in the summer I decided that I wanted to transfer to UMass Amherst for the spring semester and change majors. It feels like a really awesome plan for us - Brian and I both love the area (he grew up there) and I'm so excited to get this old brain working again.

I found out this morning that I was accepted! Not too much of a surprise, really, but a HUGE relief. Huge. We can finally start seriously planning for the move. We can finally have a place to live with DOORS! I can leave this job and go back to being a student, and really make the most of it this time.

Knitting content returns Saturday :)